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Drumroll Please…

I got a job!!! This past week has been crazy... I had to prepare for and attend the last exam of my university career and had a job interview to prepare for. So, I had the interview last week and the day before my exam I got a call saying that I'd got the… Continue reading Drumroll Please…

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I Feel Like I’m Giving Up

In two days I will attend the last ever exam of my university career. This is the last assessment of my Linguistics and English Language knowledge that I will ever have. Everything comes down to this. The pressure should be on... right? I am notoriously a pressure-worker. For as long as I can remember, I… Continue reading I Feel Like I’m Giving Up


Realising My Favourite Things

Hey there, I know it's been a little while. I have some reasoning for writing this out of the blue... I just settled down for the evening, put on my May 2018 playlist on Spotify and realised that there is a song on there which has been on almost all of my 2018 playlists (yes,… Continue reading Realising My Favourite Things

Applying for Jobs, Life

Every Day Is A School Day

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d been invited to an interview for a retail job in Edinburgh. The job was a simple customer assistant position with a luxury fashion brand. I’ve worked in and out of fashion retail since the age of 16, so I felt quite good about this opportunity. Unfortunately, I… Continue reading Every Day Is A School Day

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A Change of Course

As the title of this blog and the 'about page' and most of the posts on here suggest, I am a (soon to be) graduate seeking a comfortable life after university. So far, I have been applying for graduate jobs since around October and, quite frankly, failing at every hurdle. As I've explained before, I… Continue reading A Change of Course